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    mk1 and mk2 golf bits inc mk1 cab plus others

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    mk1 and mk2 golf  bits inc mk1 cab plus others Empty mk1 and mk2 golf bits inc mk1 cab plus others

    Post by md1980 on Sat Mar 22, 2008 3:13 pm

    right guy have a fair few selection of bits now a day so time to try clear some space lol

    mk1 golf inc cab
    front grill 5
    standard springs 20 like new
    single wiper convertion 25
    lower section of dash driver and passenger side 8
    headlight switch 5
    hazard switch hazard sign missing 2
    rear window demister switch 3
    ignition switch 8
    steering wheel with boss 10 will fit mk2 too
    cab bits
    hood motor inc loom and switch 50
    green tinted glass apart from windscreen 40
    rear electric window regulators inc switchs 25
    rear door card to replace when regulators are in 10 they are black

    mk2 golf bits
    clocks 71k 15 2 plug
    clocks 56k 15 2 plug
    clocks 138k with glow dials 15 2 plug
    pre 90 mirrors 10 for the pair
    post 90 mirrors 10 for the pair
    small front gti bumper 15
    lower section of dash drivers and passenger side 8
    1.8 8v master cylinder 10
    1.8 16v metering head 15
    16v gti inlet manifold top part only 10
    8v gti metal cam cover 5
    ignition switch 8
    pre90 fuse board 5
    sun roof pannel 5
    fuel flap 3
    post 90 doors from a 4 door all for 20
    8v gti radiator and fan 8
    3 steel wheels with tyres on free

    mk2 seat ibiza gti
    rear lights 15 half smoked ones
    2.0l 8v master cylinder 10

    mk4 polo 3 door
    1.4 8v engine aex 50 coverd 80k
    o/s door 10
    o/s electric mirror 5
    clocks from an r reg 80k on them 15
    windscreen 15
    fuse board 5
    door cards 10
    centre console 5
    glove box 5
    rear parcel shelf supports 5
    gear knob & gater 5
    radiator 5
    i also have some switchs too

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