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    Post by lk43vr6 on Fri Feb 16, 2007 8:52 am

    Hey everyone

    As you might have guessed through my vulture like tactics in the "WANTED" section on DemonVW forum i can supply many car parts at cheap prices. But i just wanted to make a some what formal post to users without it seeming to much like spam.

    Basically for anyone who wants parts give me a shout. Im now confident i can beat any dealership / GSF / local motor factor price. I have the facility to mail anything out within 1 working day but im always happy for members to collect or wait for a meet. Most stock is available same day and if not next day.

    It could be almost anything....(doesnt just apply to VAG)

    Braking (pads, discs, sensors, shims, grease, hoses, calipers...)
    Suspension (shocks, coils, mounts, bearings, drop links, wishbones...)
    Transmission (clutch kits, clutch cable, wheel bearings...)
    Service kits (oil air fuel gearbox pollen/carbon haldex filtration...)
    Cooling (rads, condensers, compresors, vag coolant...)
    Engine parts (mounts, flywheels, sumps, gaskets...)
    Electrical (HT leads, window regs, starters, relays, pulse sensor...)
    Lighting (headlamps, fogs, markers, rear lamps, bulbs...)
    Body parts (mirrors, wings, grills, bonnets, bumpers, slam panals...)
    Accessories (spoilers, brows, splitters, debadged grills...)

    All at very competitive, better than "trade" prices

    If theres something specific your after just pm me

    After hearing horror stories of VW drivers getting ripped off with cat convertors, pulse sensors, abs sensors I feel so many members could honestly benefit from what i offer.

    Been sorting a few members on here for a while and im sure they can back me up with full recomendations

    Thanks for reading

    Nick x

    If you want recommendations cant really beat these two links

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