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    1.8 16v KR engine

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    1.8 16v KR engine Empty 1.8 16v KR engine

    Post by swiftkid on Tue Apr 21, 2009 1:59 pm

    Selling a 1.8 16v KR engine.

    This engine has been sat in my garage ever since i sold my corrado. I bought 2 engines on an ebay auction as i needed one and thought another would be good as spares. The guy told me this engine came from an auto car with around 95k on the clock but unfortunately i don't have any paperwork to back this up. The guy i bought it off was very genuine and both engines were spot on when i picked them up, i was going to put this in my car but the bolt rounded on the engine mount and i didn't have the time to faff around so jus chucked the other engine in.

    If anyone can pick this up on saturday they can have it for 60

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