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    another t4....

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    another t4.... Empty another t4....

    Post by kniterider on Tue Jun 16, 2009 2:52 pm

    well after missin my old one from back in 07 , after loosin me job and going self employed i had o sell my vr6 to fnd the self employment venture, i then brought a van... a shatroen berlingo... worst thing i ever did, too small, drove horrid and it was a full on paper bag on head needed to drive it... anyways 3 motnhs later and after cashin a few work cheques i decided enough was enough... sold the berlingo, and brought another vw transporter t4...

    done 130k miles on a 98 s plate, full vw service history and was originally brought by coca cola as a promo / delivery vehicle (hence remote locking, windows, sunroof etc.. lol) , tis only a 1.9 tdi and is snail slow but ive read theres some things that can be done to pep it up Cool.... any wyas heres how i got it on sunday the week before last..

    another t4.... DSC00043
    another t4.... DSC00044

    rides like and oil rig... lol... anyways my last t4 looked like this...

    another t4.... 12042007505
    another t4.... 12042007506

    so there was no way i could have the new red'un lookin large and sorry...

    so some smoked lenses, some rear springs and a bit of manual winding down of the front torsion bars, and some nice audi 16" rims from geeman... and its looking a bit more friendly...

    another t4.... DSC00056
    another t4.... DSC00054

    still need it as work van so not going to mad, have cleaned out the rear and painted the rear ply panels to match the roof lining etc, and have used a few packets of laminate flooring i had left to do inside, the result is suprisingly fresh Smile , have a gti rear bench thrown in at mo , but have a bit 3 seater bean bag sofa on order for shows and whire check bra, thick black sunstrip, vr6 deep chin spoiler and a few more skate / surf stickers here and there , get a pro tint on rear window and sides and thats it... oh other than squeezin a few more ponies out...

    will post some more pics soon as stickers are going on and springs etc seem to be setteling alot more i drive


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    another t4.... Empty Re: another t4....

    Post by mrgarf on Tue Jun 16, 2009 4:38 pm

    nice van matey

    another t4.... A0vL9
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    another t4.... Empty Re: another t4....

    Post by dsmithmobile on Wed Jun 17, 2009 2:09 am

    Looks good Cool

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