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    Porting and polishing - the basics

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    Porting and polishing - the basics Empty Porting and polishing - the basics

    Post by LacrOne on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:45 am

    The polishing bit is pretty easy, basically using a dremmel or similar
    you just need to smooth out all the little lumps and bumps in the inlet
    manifold and heads. Best to do it all when the heads are off to stop
    swarf getting stuck in hard to reach places.
    One of the main areas
    to hit is the lump around the valve stems as you look down into the
    head inlet. I always think it looks and feels a bit like an adams
    apple. So you need to make that man a lady and get rid of the adams

    Porting is a bit more involved. Basically out want to
    open out the inlets so everything flows a bit smoother. So open out the
    holes of the base of your inlet manifolds a few mm with the dremmel,
    but make sure you still have material seperating the two inlet tubes.
    When you're happy and it's all smooth, get a piece of card, like a
    cereal box, and a soft hammer and lay it over the end of the manifold
    then tap it so it embosses the card. Now get your scalpel and cut it
    out so you have an accurate template of your inlet manifold.

    take the template and transfer it on the inlet ports, you should have a
    bit of material showing through the template, so colour it in with a
    magic marker, then bust out the dremmel again and open up the ports.
    You need to make it so there's a smooth transition between the inlet
    manifold and the port. Finally you need to cut your inlet manifold
    gaskets the same as the templete, otherwise it'll all have been in
    vain. That's how you match port heads.

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